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Discovering Espresso for Android: implementing CountingIdlingResource

Hi, after a long pause I’d like to post an example how to use Espresso’s CountingIdlingResource using lazy getter and setter pattern.

So, at first, what is the  CountingIdlingResource?

CountingIdlingResource - an implementation of IdlingResource that determines idleness by maintaining an internal counter. When the counter is 0 - it is considered to be idle, when it is non-zero it is not idle. This is very similar to the way a java.util.concurrent.Semaphore behaves.

 The counter may be incremented or decremented from any thread. If it reaches an illogical state (like counter less than zero) it will throw an IllegalStateException. This class can then be used to wrap up operations that while in progress should block tests from accessing the UI.

At second, why do I need it? Espresso developers claim that using their test framework you can “Leave your waits, syncs, sleeps, and polls behind and let Espresso gracefully manipulate and assert on the application UI when it is at rest.” This is t…